We are in a new world.  Life continues but with new protocols as the world is opening to travel with ever changing entry requirements during the Covid-19 Pandemic.  Do you know what type of test and when that country specific test has to be taken and at which qualified lab?  Will you have to quarantine with or without a test?  Do you need extra entry documents?  Is Covid-19 travel insurance required?  Do I need a smart phone and need to plan for a Covid-19 app while traveling?  This can be very confusing to navigate.  Test2FLY complies with entry requirements and we monitor any changes to all your travel statuses. 
We are currently the only travel company in the US with this ability.
Test2FLY takes the stress out of traveling in the new Covid-19 world.  Our Covid Concierge service can book your qualified Covid-19 test, flight, hotel, transfers and most importantly includes entry requirements for destination, test country compliance, and document control from lab to ensure accuracy.  We handle everything.  We are your Covid Travel Concierge enhancing our ‘white glove’ service yet again for our clients.

Our GOAL at Test2FLY.org is to get you to your destination safely without the fear of quarantine.