Q: Will my insurance cover the COVID-19 testing fees?
A: Sorry we do not bill insurance companies at this time; however, we provide you with a bill to get reimbursed with your provider.

Q: We have a family vacation, can our children be tested and how young?
A: Please send an inquiry to for special arrangements to qualify for your destination.

Q: What happens if my flight changes after my appointment is booked?
A: Test2FLY monitors flight changes and will reschedule test appointment at no fee to ensure you qualify for your destination.

Q: How long will it take to get my test results?
A: Same day or up 72 hours depending on the destination and testing requirements. This includes a higher fee from the labs for 24 hour turnaround. Most test results are in provided in 48-72 hours or less. Test2FLY matches the testing type/time requirements to ensure your test complies with destination requirements for entry.

Q: I need to fly out tomorrow. Can I get a test and get results?
A: Yes, time is of great importance, email with contact information and call 1-800-940-9153.

Q: What happens if I miss the testing appointment?
A: We can re-book expedited services. This will be an extra charge at your expense if available. Contact us immediately to reschedule 1-800-940-9153 however this is not always guaranteed but we will do our best. No refunds are given for missed appointments.

Q: I have not received my results?
A: Please check your spam and junk folder. If not found, call 1-800-940-9153 Test2FLY 24hr support for missing documents and test schedules.

Q: My destination country closed its boarders due to COVID-19 after payment for testing?
A: You will receive 100% credit or refund minus $35. Tests scheduled 5 days before the test date do not qualify for a refund and no credit can be offered.

Q: How much will this cost?
A: Prices depend on the type of test, urgency of test/location. Each booking is custom pricing.

Q: Do I have to go to a testing center or can I test at home?
A: Currently home tests are not accepted for most destinations requiring a Covid-19 test. But this is a fluid situation and we expect this to change. When it does we will be on the forefront of this action.